Faith Formation 2021-2022 Registration is open.

Click on the registration button below to go directly to the registration form.  All information and payment will be online. The link has also been emailed to all families previously registered. Please spread the word if you know of families with young children. We would love to welcome them to our program.

Our First Gathering for all FF students and their families will be on September 19th. After attending the Outdoor Mass together at St. Philip, our FF families will gather to meet and greet their teachers and each other. The first unit of Gospel Weeklies, along with a copy of the schedule will be provided in a folder for each registered student. In the case of Confirmation students, books and folders with important information and forms will also be distributed.    Please plan to attend the Mass and class afterwards.  Bring a picnic lunch.  Bottled water, packaged snacks and ice cream treats will be provided.


Our Early Childhood Program is specially designed for our youngest disciples, usually aged 4, 5 and 6. It meets once every 4 weeks during the 10:30 Mass. The children will come to Mass with their parents and will sit with their family until after the Gospel is read.  Then, Father Stu will call them up for a short “Homilette” and a song, and then they will go into the hall with their teacher, Mrs. Davis for their class.  Parents will enjoy Mass with the rest of the congregation, and then pick up their child after Mass. This is such a nice way to ease the young ones into a class setting. In addition, these Families are asked to join us for our Faithful Families program, which also meets once every 4 weeks in between the 8:30 and 10:30 Masses, Families can choose to attend Mass either before or after class on these weeks.


Grades 2-8 will have a hybrid schedule for the Fall.  We will continue to use the Gospel Weekly Curriculum (GW).  These lessons will be on Zoom, and our new "Faithful Families" program will be in-person**.  Grades 2-8 will meet a total of 2 times in the 4 week period (every other week). We hope to be completely in person beginning in January. There will be some additional classes for those preparing for First Reconciliation (Grade 2) and First Eucharist (Grade 3).

Confirmation prep (9th Grade and above) will be in-person in the St. Philip Hall throughout the year. Confirmation will meet every other week. They will be using the Dynamic Catholic program: Decision point.

The Faithful Families portion of our program is a new endeavor that recognizes parents as the primary catechists for their children. We will use a “Learning Centers” approach that allows families to explore some of the basics of our Catholic faith together, under the guidance of our volunteer staff.  It will also provide an opportunity for families in our Parish to connect with one another and get acquainted. This year, we will cover topics such as “Things we see and do at Mass,’ “Prayer and Thanksgiving,” “Preparing for the Birth of our Lord,” and “Lenten Practices” as well as special events such as our Outdoor Mass, Pop-up Pageant, Mardi Gras party, and more. This group will meet in person in the St, Philip hall. It is important to understand that these are FAMILY gatherings.  Ideally, both parents should attend with their child(ren).  Although designed for grades Pre-K through 8, enrolled families with younger children are welcome to bring them. We do understand that some children will attend with one parent, or with a Faith coach who is acting in the parent role.  Children are not to be dropped off for these sessions.


Here is our 4-week Schedule in a nutshell.


*Week 1:  Faithful Families-Grades Pre-K through 8: This group will meet in the St. Philip Hall for some family activities. They should plan to attend Mass together with their family. 


Confirmation Prep will also meet on Week 1 in a separate group and then attend Mass together.


*Week 2: Early Childhood group: Grade Pre-K through 1 will meet in person during 10:30 Mass.


*Week 3: Grades 2-8 will meet for their Gospel Weeklies lesson (Sun 9:30-11).  (Zoom for the Fall, then in-person beginning in January).

Confirmation Prep will meet in-person on Week 3 (Sat 930-11 in the Fall and then Sun 930-11 beginning in January)


*Week 4: No classes.  This week should be used to catch up on home study for Gospel Weeklies and Confirmation prep, if needed. It is also a nice opportunity to attend Mass as a family.

Click on the links below for the appropriate schedule: