Our registration process is now fully online, including safe, secure payment through our Online Giving partner OSV (Our Sunday Visitor), using your bank account or Credit Card.  Please use the following link to access the form, which you will find to be complete, and user friendly.


Faith Formation 2020/2021

Safely Making Disciples in New Ways

 All Families are strongly encouraged to attend Mass together at least once a month.

Early Childhood – 8th Grade

  • The Gospel Weeklies curriculum will continue, with a few additional lessons for those preparing for Sacraments. 
  • We will have monthly Zoom meetings, with classes by GW level.
  • Each month, we will have a “playlist” of short lessons and activities to be visited weekly at home. It is our hope that students and their families will find these positive and joyful.  Families will be able to tailor the program to their own learning style. 

 Confirmation Prep

  • We will have twice monthly ZOOM gatherings to prepare for this Sacrament. Community service will be updated Monthly.
  • The Decision Point program will continue to serve as our resource and guide for this program.
  • Home study will be a part of this program.

The Sacrament of Confirmation 2020

We are currently working to schedule a virtual retreat in September.  Once we have that date, we can set a date for our Confirmation liturgy, which we plan to hold on a Saturday morning in mid to late October.  It will be a private gathering at St Philip Church.  The Archdiocese has granted all pastors in the diocese the faculties to confirm until the end of this year.  We are truly blessed to have Father Stu preside at the Sacrament for our students at Saint Marianne Cope.  Further details will be communicated as soon as we have them.