The new Hub for OSV (Our Sunday Visitor) is now active.  There are a few variations from our previous look, but the information is better organized and the dates for special collections are now included.  In addition, the funds are listed in a logical order with Weekly and Monthly first, and the remaining are in chronological order as they occur throughout the year.

When you click on the link, it will take you directly to the giving page, where anyone without an account can type in their information and make a gift. If you wish to use your saved information, you will need to click on “sign in” before you proceed. You will be shown a list of “funds”, which is what OSV calls our collections.  When you click on the fund name, a description will pop up, which will include the dates for any Holy Days or Special Collections.  Click “GIVE NOW” to make your chosen gifts.  Be sure to check that all fields are as you want them. (Gift amount, gift type, frequency, start date). 

Our Pastoral Minister Jan Albetski will be keeping this page up to date.  Please reach out to her with any questions.